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Why Earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Global Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management has long been central to business success in many industries. This field is essential in today's complex, globalized world of commerce, and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role of the supply chain in getting products and services to the consumers who need them.

Supply chain management is vital to modern business, and professionals with advanced skills and knowledge in the field are in high demand. However, the competencies needed to excel in this realm have evolved, requiring knowledge of advanced technologies and global supply networks.

For those interested in acquiring these advanced competencies, Northern Kentucky University (NKU) offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Global Supply Chain Management. This degree program can prepare students to navigate the many challenges of supply chain management today.

What Is Involved in Supply Chain Management?

Taking a product or service from design to delivery involves a complicated global network of suppliers, manufacturers, transportation carriers, retailers, distributors and workers. The flow of raw materials, components, services and end-products through this network constitutes the development of the product. Supply chain management ensures every step in this process moves smoothly, following the necessary timeline.

Supply chain professionals also source or "procure" the goods, services and labor needed, select vendors, negotiate contracts and make purchasing decisions. They oversee the manufacturing, warehousing of inventory, logistics, transportation, distribution and delivery of goods. They make sure production meets but does not exceed demand.

Importantly, supply chain management is also responsible for reducing costs throughout supply chain processes to meet budget constraints. Essentially, management in this field encompasses every facet of getting the right product or service to the right customer at an appropriate time and price.

What Will I Study in NKU's Online BSBA in Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is a complicated process involving many related departments and business partners. Therefore, the study of supply chain management must incorporate a broad range of disciplines and areas of study. NKU's BSBA in Global Supply Chain program reflects this breadth.

Through comprehensive core business studies, students develop a foundation of managerial knowledge across numerous business functions such as marketing, accounting and finance. Further coursework covers essential skills and tools like quantitative and statistical analysis, operations management, information systems and managerial decision-making.

Supply chain management is not limited to any localized realm. The NKU program also emphasizes topics of international business, including global strategic sourcing and global supply chain analytics. Elective options in leadership, international management and sales topics allow students to tailor their degree to their unique interests.

In additional to foundational business courses, the curriculum combines free electives and general education coursework such as scientific and quantitative inquiry, written communication and oral communication — all very applicable to supply chain management. For instance, lean manufacturing is a critical methodology in modern supply chain management, based mostly on scientific inquiry.

How Will This Degree Prepare Me for Management Positions in the Field?

Research has noted a distinct talent gap in the supply chain management today. These deficiencies reflect the changing skills and knowledge needed for high-level positions in the field, including "soft" leadership skills, agile decision-making skills, information system and technology know-how and knowledge of nuanced global supply chains.

Plus, modern supply chain management methodologies like lean manufacturing are highly cross-functional, which means professionals need an advanced understanding of the many involved departments and skills necessary to collaborate and network effectively.

NKU's foundational business studies and global supply chain studies are designed to provide students with 21st century, supply chain management competencies. In this, graduates can take advantage of the current talent gap in the field, helping organizations develop resilient supply chains amidst today's disruptive global business environment.

Learn more about Northern Kentucky University's online BSBA – Global Supply Chain Management program.


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