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What Can I Do With a Master's Degree in Legal Studies?

Ready to tackle the most pressing legal and technological challenges of our time and issues that are growing exponentially more important every day? A digital paradigm shift has arrived, and employers at the intersection of the business, technology and law are scrambling to catch up. Opportunity awaits for those who are prepared to seize it.

The Northern Kentucky University online Master of Legal Studies program was developed in conjunction with employers in the field to address the intersection of technology and law and to develop today's most in-demand skills. The program prepares non-lawyers to work alongside attorneys, business leaders and technology experts in the dynamic digital world.

Students in NKU's online program become experts in the laws and regulations governing virtual storefronts, cybersecurity risks, the detection of digital crimes and the use of smart blockchain contracts and payments via digital currency. They learn how technology allows individuals, organizations and governments to commit remote acts of harm, such as identity theft, election subversion, and public utility threats; discover the statutes, regulations and other laws governing inter-jurisdictional disagreements; and assess the obstacles encountered when attempting to enforce evolving laws and regulations. They learn about the legal issues surrounding data creation, data privacy, corporate compliance and end users' rights.

The online Master of Legal Studies curriculum also envisions the near and long-term horizon, so graduates can prepare for upcoming legal challenges. 

The program is offered through NKU's Salmon P. Chase College of Law, which is approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association. The program seeks to develop professionals who want to make legally informed decisions in a technology-driven world and to meet the demand for legal professionals with this vital area of training and expertise.

Here is a look at just a few of the opportunities that await graduates of this accelerated program, along with annual salary data as of March 2021:

Data Privacy Manager:$113,300

Individuals in this position in both private and public sector environments are responsible for developing, implementing and enforcing user policies in compliance with security laws. This includes business processes, data exchanges and digital contracts. The privacy manager also provides confidentiality and privacy trainings to personnel and manages through subordinate managers.

Legal Operations Manager: $87,383 (in Kentucky)

This role involves taking care of outside counsel and vendors, overseeing a legal department's staffing needs with regard to an organization's specific legal challenges, managing the budget, and working with stakeholders in the business and technology spheres.

Compliance Manager: $79,004

This role is crucial in any industry, as compliance managers ensure that an organization adheres to legal and ethical requirements. These professionals stay abreast of relevant codes and regulations and other laws and apply them in order to minimize an organization's financial and legal threats. Compliance managers complete annual reviews, inform others of legal requirements and improve areas of an organization that do not meet state or federal laws.

Information Security Analyst: $123,679

This position protects companies and government agencies against breaches and unauthorized access, as well as system modifications and destruction. Professionals in this role work in teams to develop security protocols and standards and also with end users to ensure the needs of each department are met. They are experts in internet architecture and firewall configuration, with an understanding of domain structures and digital signatures.

Information Security Manager: $133,751

Professionals in this role for private companies and public sector agencies prevent costly security breaches for their organizations by identifying and minimizing areas of vulnerability. They work specifically with disaster recovery, database protection and software development, ensuring that all applications are secure. They also develop IS security standards, architecture, systems and best practices and implement policies for ensuring compliance.

Just as the challenges at the intersection of business, technology and law become more common and complex every day, so do the opportunities for professionals with the skills it takes to perform these vital jobs.

Learn more about the NKU Chase College of Law online Master of Legal Studies program.


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