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Convenience of an Online DNP Program

So you have decided to go back to school. You have your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and you are ready to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Should you pick a traditional on-campus track or an online program? If you do not want to spend time away from your job or sit in a classroom after work, an online DNP makes sense.

Why Choose an Online DNP Program?

An online DNP program allows students to balance a career, family and other obligations. Rural students may opt for online learning because they do not have to travel long distances to a campus.

Generally, students can post homework and participate in discussions when it is convenient for them. Students can network with other nursing professionals in their program. This gives nurses an opportunity to interact with peers from different geographic locations who practice in a variety of settings.

Here are additional reasons why you may want to consider an online DNP degree program:

Flexibility – Students can log in at any time, which means they can complete assignments during their lunch breaks, on weekends or in the middle of the night. They do not have to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Availability – You will not have to physically attend classes. Instead, you can study from anywhere for the duration of the program. 

Affordability – The price of an online program tends to be lower because there are fewer expenses. Students learn through curricular modules rather than classroom instruction; therefore, they are not charged for the use of the library or other campus resources. This results in cheaper semester credits.

Manageability – Students in an online DNP program can control the pace of their study. They determine how quickly or slowly they complete the program. They do not have to follow a fixed curriculum that is taught at set times. Many online DNP programs can be completed in about two years.

Is an Online DNP Program Right for You?

You may have doubts about whether or not online learning is a good option. Here are questions you can ask yourself to arrive at a decision.

  • Will you continue working while completing a program?
  • Are you capable of studying independently?
  • Are you comfortable with using technology?
  • Can you communicate well in writing?

Online DNP programs have become more popular in recent years. Employers also accept online degrees as long as you graduate from an accredited program and have the necessary nursing skills and knowledge. A DNP is a smart choice for nurses who want to advance in their careers and earn a higher salary. You do not have to sacrifice your work and personal life for school. By enrolling in an online DNP program, you allow yourself time for both.

Learn more about NKU’s Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice online program.


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