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Want Career Versatility? Get a B.S.B.A.

Business administration is an immensely popular area of undergraduate study. The skills and knowledge gained through a business administration degree are applicable to a variety of jobs across multiple industries, facilitating a high level of career versatility.

The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) in General Business program from Northern Kentucky University (NKU) is designed to maximize career opportunities. The program’s core coursework provides students with foundational knowledge of business. General education courses and electives help degree candidates further tailor their education to their personal interests and career goals.

What Will I Learn in a B.S.B.A. Program?

Through coursework in a B.S.B.A. program, you’ll practice quantitative math skills, quantitative reasoning and analysis, utilizing industry-standard software such as Excel. You’ll also apply quantitative reasoning through further coursework in finance, accounting, statistical analysis, data analysis, marketing strategy, macroeconomics and other essential business functions.

Business principles, business law and ethics in managerial decision-making are also core subjects in NKU’s B.S.B.A. – General Business studies. These lead to examinations of policy, decision-making, professionalism, culture and diversity. Coursework explores issues surrounding international business practices as well.

Further — as business administration involves customer relations and the management of people within organizations — you’ll study leadership, communication, organizational systems and behavior, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills.

Which Careers Are Available to B.S.B.A. Grads?

When you earn your B.S.B.A. degree, you can pursue jobs in management or marketing, business analytics or finance. Each category includes a wealth of career possibilities. If you’re interested in management, you might become a human resource manager, manufacturing manager, operations manager or sales manager. Human resource managers, for instance, must understand everything from accounting and budgeting to employment law and communication.

Business analytics jobs include operations specialist, management consultant and market research analyst. Marketing, social media management or marketing strategy are also great options for BSBA grads. Marketing strategists apply analytical tools to help their company understand business problems and opportunities. Social media managers must be savvy and up to date on understanding the best ways to communicate and persuade target audiences. They must also be capable of determining which metrics matter the most, and how to analyze those metrics.

This versatility of the B.S.B.A. degree is part of what makes it such a popular option. Graduates can quickly accelerate diverse career paths in the business world — career paths that can lead to lucrative roles. For instance, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that advertising, promotions and marketing management positions generally require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field along with work experience. According to BLS, the median 2022 salary for this occupational group was an impressive $138,730.

Why Is the B.S.B.A. Widely Applicable?

In short, the heart of a business administration degree is critical thinking. Critical thinking is a necessary skill in any line of work — the key to solving problems and making decisions effectively. Logically, employers highly value critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, strategy, collaboration and other transferable skills, as evidenced by articles and surveys from Monster, GMAC and others.

Your interests may align with a specific career or they may be focused on broadly applicable business practice. Regardless, NKU’s online B.S.B.A. in General Business provides you with highly usable knowledge, not to mention the problem-solving skills employers value most.

Learn more about NKU’s online B.S.B.A. in General Business program.

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