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Why Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business is one of the best steps an aspiring businessperson can take to further their career. At many organizations, a bachelor’s degree is necessary to land those entry-level jobs. It lays down a solid educational foundation for those who wish to launch a startup or pursue an MBA in the future.

Alison Damast for Poets & Quants writes, “It’s no secret that an undergraduate degree in business comes with an attractive payoff for students today, namely that of landing a high-paid job with relative ease.” Earning a bachelor’s degree in business can open many doors for students looking for a successful career in the future.

A Versatile Degree

A bachelor’s degree in business is one of the most versatile and profitable degrees a student can earn. According to, “You can start your own business or work in a variety of companies and positions with a business-related degree … A more general business administration degree combined with training and experience can lead to jobs in finance, management, marketing or operations.”

A bachelor’s degree in business will provide students with the knowledge needed to perform confidently in the world of business — in roles varying from the founder of a startup to an employee in a larger corporation.

A Great Payoff

Many of the jobs available to people with a bachelor’s degree in business pay quite well. According to PayScale, as of February 3rd 2018, the average salary for bachelor’s degree holders is $42,972 per year. Many positions, like Human Resources Manager, Operations Manager and Financial Controller pay upwards of $60,000 as their average salary.

According to Damast, “Business majors have earned a return of 17 percent on their degree for more than a decade, outperforming their counterparts who majored in degrees such as liberal arts, leisure and hospitality and education.” In other words, earning a bachelor’s degree in business is a great investment.

Furthering Your Education

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business can make earning an MBA in the future much easier. “For a certain group of undergraduate business students,” writes Damast, “a business undergraduate degree is the first step on a linear path towards getting an MBA degree.”

To earn an MBA, a student needs to hold a bachelor’s degree. As Ana-Maria Pasolea writes for BachelorsPortal, “Seeing how popular MBAs are and how many people apply annually, you should definitively take into account the boost a BBA can have for your career and how it raises your chances of getting into an MBA.”

A bachelor’s degree in business provides students with the necessary tools to move forward in a variety of directions with the knowledge and acumen they will need to succeed. Whether you plan on jumping right out of school and into starting your own business, joining the ranks of an established company or pursuing an MBA, a bachelor’s degree in business is a great place to start.

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