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Sharpen Your Leadership Skills With an MBA

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) offers numerous advantages for working professionals ready to climb the corporate ladder. Regardless of the area of specialization, MBA graduates will acquire the knowledge and hard skills required to perform well in their chosen career field. The often overlooked — yet most essential — skill set for successful executives is leadership skills, and the online MBA program from Northern Kentucky University (NKU) provides a convenient, effective way to sharpen those highly sought-after skills.

Leadership Skills in Demand

Recruiting directors maintain that strong leadership skills are high on the list of the most in-demand skills for new hires, as evidenced by responses to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) 2023 Corporate Recruiters Survey. Leadership skills are a combination of hard and soft skills, which are essential for success as a manager. The capacity to motivate others, actively listen, make difficult decisions and implement strategic initiatives are all leadership skills that business professionals can acquire by earning an MBA degree.

Innovative Managers Wanted

In today’s complex global economy, organizations seek highly effective, innovative leaders with the knowledge and skills to take them into the next decade and beyond. GMAC’s 2023 survey also found that employers highly value the capacity for innovation, strategy, learning and motivation. These are all traits of leaders who strive to develop, grow and manage change constructively. Leaders who fail to keep up will be surpassed and replaced by those who continually stay abreast of innovation and change.

NKU’s MBA Leadership Stack

An innovative curriculum is a key aspect of NKU’s online MBA program. Incoming students have the freedom to tailor their degree program to meet their individual and professional aspirations. In the 100% online program, students can choose areas of specialized studies from several “stacks,” one of which focuses on leadership.

Built on a foundation of knowledge developed through the MBA program’s core curriculum, the leadership stack at NKU offers students the following courses: Leading in a Dynamic World, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and Essentials of Project Management.

Real-world, Practical Leadership Skills

NKU’s leadership stack helps students learn to apply theories of leadership and organizational change directly to various situations. Blending theory and practice, the leadership curriculum offers students the opportunity to plan and implement organizational change and assess their own abilities as leaders. Students also learn strategies for conflict resolution and methods of negotiation.

The leadership stack also gives students the knowledge to successfully plan and develop projects in an organizational setting. Coursework covers planning, team development, quality improvement and case analysis in team projects.

Moreover, the rigor of NKU’s coursework and the expertise gained benefit students through developing their sense of achievement and confidence. In turn, this furthers skill development, as confidence is critical to effective leadership.

In addition to focused, customizable studies from other subject area stacks, two capstone courses finish out NKU’s online MBA program curriculum. Graduates who choose the leadership stack come away from NKU’s program with a deep understanding of effective leadership skills and experience in real-world projects that will prepare them for today’s global economy and competitive job market.

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