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NKU Faculty Are Real-World Practitioners

"...we're keeping up on everything that's going on and are able to bring that back into the classroom."

– Dr. J.C. "Duke" Thompson

Faith Benson, Professor

“I want to contribute to my society, and I believe the best way to do that is to have knowledgeable and informed citizens that aren't afraid to face challenges.”

Learn more about Faith Benson »

Dr. Amanda Dishon Brown, Associate Professor, MSW Program Director

“You will have to work hard but the outcome is most definitely worth it!”

Learn more about Dr. Amanda Dishon Brown »

Dr. Carole Cangioni, Associate Professor of Management

“The biggest challenge people in business face today is an exponentially changing business environment requiring not only fast adaptation but a constant need for anticipation of the consequent changes.”

Learn more about Dr. Carole Cangioni »

Dr. Michael R. Carrell, Regents Professor

“My courses provide students the foundation knowledge, concepts, and real-world skills needed to succeed in any type of organization.”

Learn more about Dr. Michael R. Carrell »

Dr. Teuta Cata, Professor

“I love to share with other people information and experiences I know, and learn the same things from them. It is a great feeling to see that you can change young people's lives by opening new windows of opportunities for them.”

Learn more about Dr. Teuta Cata »

Ada T. Cenkci, Associate Professor

“In an online course, effective time management, following course syllabus and course announcements are needed to do well.”

Learn more about Ada T. Cenkci »

Dr. Gary Clayton, Chair of the Department of Economics & Finance

“I want my students to understand how the macro economy works, but I also want them to understand how they affect the economy and how the economy affects them.”

Learn more about Dr. Gary Clayton »

Dr. Joe Cobbs, Associate Professor

“Be active in your education to get the most out of it and plan your time and progression carefully to ensure the best opportunity for success.”

Learn more about Dr. Joe Cobbs »

Dr. Anh Dang, Assistant Professor of Marketing

“Successful marketers tend to be creative, dedicated, and committed to their goals. They are also good at teamwork. They keep themselves updated with recent marketing trends.”

Learn more about Dr. Anh Dang »

Teressa Elliott, Professor

“Talking to my students and hearing their perspectives on the law makes me look at my thoughts and beliefs in a different way, and I think it helps keep me open-minded and makes me, for that reason, a better person.”

Learn more about Teressa Elliott »

Dr. Bulent Erenay, Assistant Professor

“GSCM is a vast and exciting field, covering many areas from supplier relationship management to quality and operations to distribution and transportation, all of which require both hard and soft skills. Make sure you keep learning outside the classroom as well.”

Learn more about Dr. Bulent Erenay »

Jason Farkas, Lecturer

“Ultimately, I want my students to recognize and practice effective, ethical, and empathetic leadership.”

Learn more about Jason Farkas »

Gary A. Gray, Lecturer/Adjunct Professor

“My objective is to combine my academic, corporate, and life experiences into the online classroom to educate students so they come away with a practical understanding of the material and how it can apply to their work and personal lives.”

Learn more about Gary A. Gray »

Dr. Chad Greenfield, Online Instructor

“I want students to have a better understanding of how analyzing accounting information can be used by managers to make better and informed decisions.”

Learn more about Dr. Chad Greenfield »

David Harrison, Lecturer

“This curriculum doesn't reward the more traditional curriculum of memorization. This curriculum focuses on gaining insights and applying qualities that are the most important in a business environment.”

Learn more about David Harrison »

Dr. Chip Heath, CoB Director of Online Learning

“Success in marketing is all about controlled creativity. One has to be creative and willing to take chances. But they also need to fully understand the underlying strategy and adhere to that while being creative.”

Learn more about Dr. Chip Heath »

Jennifer Holt, Lecturer

“If one thing is consistent in life and business, it's that everything does change and will continue to change. If you don't like change, think about it as evolution. We all need to continually evolve.”

Learn more about Jennifer Holt »

Dr. Jang-Chul Kim, Professor

“Students will learn how to apply models used by financial practitioners, especially in an investment area, to make optimal decisions.”

Learn more about Dr. Jang-Chul Kim »

Marla Lemmon, Instructor

“I want my students to strengthen their problem solving skills, select accurate methods for solving real-world problems, utilize technology appropriately, and discover what makes a procedure optimal and efficient.”

Learn more about Marla Lemmon »

Dr. Aron Levin, Professor/Chair

“I want students to learn skills that will make them successful in business while also learning the importance of work/life balance.

Learn more about Dr. Aron Levin »

Tobe Liebert, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Law Library

“Education is a life-long process, and the speed of technological change makes it important to keep your skills sharp and add to your base of knowledge.”

Learn more about Tobe Liebert »

Dr. Jing Liu, Assistant Professor

“Motivation and time management are important in successful online learning.”

Learn more about Dr. Jing Liu »

Dr. Denise Luethge, Professor

“I managed MBA programs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Greece and El Salvador. I have taught abroad in nine countries and worked in over twenty countries. My research focuses primarily on cross-cultural aspects of international strategy.”

Learn more about Dr. Denise Luethge »

Dr. Yohann Mauger, Assistant Professor

“The online experience is the same, with more freedom on your part.”

Learn more about Dr. Yohann Mauger »

Anne Melzer, Instructor

“Teaching is my passion. I am dedicated to helping students expand their worldview and to develop as a scholarly individual during their time spent in my courses.”

Learn more about Anne Melzer »

Dr. Debra Meyers, Professor

“I want to help others achieve their goals through higher education just as I did as a non-traditional student.”

Learn more about Dr. Debra Meyers »

Dr. Bridget Nichols, Professor

“Students in my class will learn the fundamentals of the marketing profession and its role in business.”

Learn more about Dr. Bridget Nichols »

Dr. Jaclyn Perrmann-Graham, Assistant Professor of Management

“Start strong and communicate with your instructors. Keeping open lines of communication, especially in the online environment, is critical to both your enjoyment of the course and your success.”

Learn more about Dr. Jaclyn Perrmann-Graham »

Dr. David Raska, Associate Professor of Marketing

“The qualities that make someone successful in this field are being caring, passionate, and curious, while having intellectual humility and purpose.”

Learn more about Dr. David Raska »

Robert Salyer, Lecturer II

“Online homework leads to success with online exams.”

Learn more about Robert Salyer »

Dr. Doris Shaw, Department Chair and Professor

“Focus on providing balance and structure to the competing demands in your life!”

Learn more about Dr. Doris Shaw »

Judge Karen Thomas, Adjunct Professor

“In the world of business, details matter, and having the ability to spot issues and possible problems for the business you are involved in is an invaluable skill to an employer and for future entrepreneurs.”

Learn more about Judge Karen Thomas »

Dr. J.C. “Duke” Thompson, Chair of Department of Economics and Finance and Professor

“I had always enjoyed the classroom environment and after a decade in the automotive industry, I thought I would try my hand at teaching to see if I liked it. That was 35 years ago.”

Learn more about Dr. J.C. “Duke” Thompson »

Susan Abdon Winters, Adjunct Professor

“Act quickly to gain the experiential teachings of real-life education to your future career.”

Learn more about Susan Abdon Winters »

James Shelton, Professor

“After completing this class, our students should have the confidence and the tools to take an active role in their own investments throughout the course of their careers.”

Learn more about James Shelton »

Dr. Sandra Spataro, Professor of Management

“People are hard to manage. The different ways people react to managerial direction can be one of the biggest challenges leaders face.”

Learn more about Dr. Sandra Spataro »

Dr. Qing Su, Professor of Economics

“Allocate sufficient time for your learning. It is very challenging to take the course in seven weeks.”

Learn more about Dr. Qing Su »

Jennifer Taylor, Associate Director of Special Projects

“The qualities that make someone particularly successful in business are being a good listener, communicator, and thinking creatively.”

Learn more about Jennifer Taylor »

Mark Thackeray, Professor of Practice and Director

“The biggest challenge faced in my profession today is understanding the complexities of Supply Chain Management and how impactful the supply chain performance can be on overall business success.”

Learn more about Mark Thackeray »


Dr. Ryan Alverson, Assistant Professor

“I want students to learn what drives them and their students to seek knowledge, learn, and become really engaged in whatever they are doing.”

Learn more about Ryan Alverson »

Dr. Amy Bacevich, Lecturer

“When you are considering graduate programs in education, choose one that is most likely to help you become a better teacher, not just give you a degree. This one will do both.”

Learn more about Amy Bacevich »

Dr. Ginger Blackwell, Clinical Professor

“Work hard and persevere!”

Learn more about Ginger Blackwell »

Krista Burton, Director of Academic Success and Bar Support

“Strive to do your very best and do not be afraid of success.”

Learn more about Krista Burton »

Dr. Denise Dallmer, Education Faculty

“Teaching is a blend of supporting and encouraging students to be the best they can be as well as loving the content you teach.”

Learn more about Denise Dallmer »

Dr. John Huss, Professor of Education

“I enjoy the teaching process and I seek to share that delight with students. I like to meet students where they are and bring them up to where I would like for them to be to experience success.”

Learn more about John Huss »

Dr. Missy Jones, Professor

“Be open to learning new things and find joy in your learning.”

Learn more about Missy Jones »

Dr. Kayla Steltenkamp, Lecturer of Special Education

“As a special educator, I know that my students encounter many educators throughout their educational journey and I want to facilitate their understanding that whatever disability may exist, each student has a great ability within them.”

Learn more about Kayla Steltenkamp »

Dr. Brandelyn Tosolt, Associate Professor

“I believe that education is the single greatest tool we have at our disposal to create a more just, equitable society.”

Learn more about Brandelyn Tosolt »


Lisa Arehart, Part-Time Clinical Faculty

“I think this is a good program. I believe there are a lot of options to help you narrow down which path you want to go into.”

Learn more about Lisa Arehart »

Dr. Anthony "Jay" Avenido, Lecturer

“Knowledgeable and patient-oriented are two of the most important qualities needed to succeed in the world of medicine.”

Learn more about Dr. Anthony "Jay" Avenido »

Dr. Bill Attenweiler, Associate Professor, Program Director

“Professionals in Industrial and Organizational Psychology work under the scientist-practitioner model, where practitioners are expected to contribute to advancing the science, and researchers are expected to investigate practical matters that will add to the practice. Compounding this commitment are the expectations of organizations for quick results.”

Learn more about Dr. Bill Attenweiler »

Dorothy Baker, Adjunct Professor

“I have always had such great mentors. I realize the difference in mediocre and superior. It can make or break a student, so I strive to be the best I can, to instill knowledge that is purposeful and useful to students.”

Learn more about Dorothy Baker »

Dr. Marybeth Baribeau, RN-BSN Program Director

“The most important outcome for my students is applying their knowledge in their own practices to improve the health and safety of their clients.”

Learn more about Dr. Marybeth Baribeau »

Dr. Thomas D. Baxter, Program Director – Respiratory Care

“I enjoy seeing students discover the extent to which their capabilities will take them.”

Learn more about Dr. Thomas D. Baxter »

Dawn Beahr, AGACNP, Adjunct Faculty

“Why. It is important to understand WHY we are doing what we do to take care of our patients.”

Learn more about Dawn Beahr »

Dr. Jitana Benton-Lee, Assistant Professor

“The DNP is a degree, not a role. Therefore, there are so many opportunities and ways DNP-prepared nurses can influence health outcomes, organization, systems leadership structures, and health policy.”

Learn more about Dr. Jitana Benton-Lee »

April Bowman, Adjunct Health Science Faculty

“Students will need self-motivation and time management to navigate the 7-week course format of the health science program.”

Learn more about April Bowman »

Kevin Brunacini, Faculty Advisor – DNP 896 Project/Practicum

“To persist, to collaborate, to excel, to offer grace and compassion—these are qualities clinicians aim to emulate, and I hope through my modeling, students will already apply them.”

Learn more about Kevin Brunacini »

Dr. Candi Constantine-Castillo, Faculty

“I can appreciate the unique challenges, as well as satisfaction, experienced by fellow learners in the online environment while balancing life, work and higher education.”

Learn more about Dr. Candi Constantine-Castillo »

Nathanael Ellis, Clinical Faculty

“Be willing to put the time and effort into learning the material.”

Learn more about Nathanael Ellis »

Roxanne Gall, NACU Director, AGACNP Concentration Coordinator

“I want students to develop critical-thinking skills, role competence, cultural competence, and professionalism.”

Learn more about Roxanne Gall »

Natasha Smith-Holmquist, DNP, APN, CPNP-PC, Adjunct Faculty

“I want to pay it forward. I love teaching and want the students I teach to go forward and do great things!”

Learn more about Natasha Smith-Holmquist »

Brian Kasson, Assistant Clinical Professor

“The role of advocacy for the nursing profession is critical for all nurses at all levels. Nursing is fortunate to be in the position it is today because of the efforts of those who have gone before us. It is our professional obligation to continue the efforts to grow our profession.”

Learn more about Brian Kasson»

Erin Kelley, MSN, RN, CCRN, CMSRN, Faculty

“Nursing can be a frustrating field to work in at times, but at the end of the day you make a clear difference in people's lives and that makes it worth it.”

Learn more about Erin Kelley»

Dr. Adrianne Lane, Professor

“I have enjoyed motivating students to learn. Igniting the spark to continuous learning has been my passion throughout my career.”

Learn more about Dr. Adrianne Lane »

Lisa English Long Ph.D., RN, CNS, Program Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice

“When working with children and families, a caregiver must have a caring and compassionate approach at all times.”

Learn more about Lisa English Long Ph.D. »

Dr. Debra Maitre, Adjunct Faculty

“Speak up – and get involved – this is an open and welcoming community.”

Learn more about Dr. Debra Maitre »

Jennifer Moreland, FNP Concentration Coordinator, Clinical Coordinator, and Lecturer

“I would advise students who are considering this program to be ready for a challenge, but that in the end it will be worth it.”

Learn more about Jennifer Moreland »

Kathy J Noyes, Assistant Professor

“After practicing in both inpatient and outpatient settings for over 25 years, and providing family care and acute care, the need to develop expert providers for the future became my driving force to return to education.”

Learn more about Kathy Noyes »

Dr. Karen M. O'Connell, Associate Director of Graduate Nursing Programs & Assistant Professor

“I want students to learn how to be a critical consumer of information and how to think for themselves.”

Learn more about Dr. Karen M. O'Connell »

Dr. Gary W. Ozanich, Associate Professor of Practice

“In my experience, faculty and students develop a much closer relationship in online courses. In our complicated society, online education gives you the chance to balance life, work, and education.”

Learn more about Gary W. Ozanich »

Kristine Pfendt, Associate Professor of Nursing

“I have taught laboratory skills, medical-surgical clinicals and leadership practicums in addition to many didactic courses. Working with students has been my main objective and has made for a most rewarding career.”

Learn more about Kristine Pfendt »

Crystal Summers, Lecturer

“Teaching is a fulfilling career. I enjoy sharing knowledge. In the classroom, I have the ability to be creative, which makes learning fun.”

Learn more about Crystal Summers »

Barbara Kaye Tassell, Adjunct Online Faculty

“I want to be able to help prepare the next generation of nurses and nursing educators so the profession is able to continue growing.”

Learn more about Barbara Kaye Tassell »

Dr. William Terry Ray, Director of Nurse Anesthesia Program and Clinical Professor

“Set your goals and firmly commit to your education.”

Learn more about Dr. William Terry Ray »

Dr. Denise Robinson, Regents Professor

“Teaching enables me to share with DNP and MSN students what I have learned over the years from the perspective of an active scholar, writer, researcher and active clinical practitioner. I am passionate about facilitating motivated students to achieve their career goals.”

Learn more about Dr. Denise Robinson »

Dr. Michelle Teschendorf, Assistant Professor

“Since all of the students I teach are registered nurses, my goals for them are to increase their knowledge of nursing and increase their ability to seek solutions for quality care.”

Learn more about Dr. Michelle Teschendorf »

Angie Thomure, Nurse Practitioner

“A deep understanding of concepts will allow them to appropriately apply important critical-thinking skills when they are caring for their patients.”

Learn more about Angie Thomure »

Melissa Trabel, Adjunct Professor

“[The online program] has great flexibility, is good for self-motivated students but has more online/computer work than an in-person class.”

Learn more about Melissa Trabel »

Dr. Karen Vietz, Graduate Faculty in DNP and MSN Programs

“I strive to empower students to do all possible to advance the profession of nursing to enhance quality care for patients, families, and communities.”

Learn more about Dr. Karen Vietz »

Dr. Dolores White, Assistant Professor

“In nursing, a successful nurse truly cares about patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

Learn more about Dr. Dolores White »

Dr. Lynne Zajac, Interim Director School of Nursing & Associate Professor

“I have been involved in teaching nursing for almost 30 years in both the clinical and classroom setting and consider it a privilege to guide nursing students as they expand their roles as health care professionals.”

Learn more about Dr. Lynne Zajac »


Shannon Alexander, Health Science Program Director and Assistant Professor

“I have found the most successful students in my classes have excellent communication skills, are self-motivated and above all, have effective time management skills. My advice for any online student is to really focus on these three areas.”

Learn more about Shannon Alexander »

Dr. Alyssa Appelman, Assistant Professor

“Online courses can be wonderful learning opportunities for students, but they require some self-motivation. I would definitely recommend coming up with an organizational system for yourself.”

Learn more about Dr. Alyssa Appelman »

Dr. Rhonda Davis, Lecturer

“I find that Integrative Studies attracts people who are change-makers, passionate and dedicated to their areas of focus.”

Learn more about Dr. Rhonda Davis »

Harold Dawson, Adjunct Professor

“I started teaching because I enjoying sharing the insights of my discipline and showing students how sociology can help them make sense of their world.”

Learn more about Harold Dawson »

Deborah S. Dempsey, Senior Lecturer

“In the field of healthcare, being dedicated, hard-working and compassionate are necessities.”

Learn more about Deborah S. Dempsey »

Dr. Emily Detmer-Goebel, Professor

“Know that education is never wasted. You never know where your journey is taking you, so with each step, embrace it with all you have ... and embrace the material in your individual classes.”

Learn more about Dr. Emily Detmer-Goebel »

Dr. Megan S. Downing, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership

“I hope students in my courses develop an increased level of self-awareness and understanding of others and develop a passion for lifelong learning.”

Learn more about Dr. Megan S. Downing »

Katie Englert, Adjunct Instructor

“I love learning more about the world and various anthropological concepts, and I want to help facilitate the learning process for others while I continue to learn myself!”

Learn more about Katie Englert »

Dr. Joan Ferrante, Professor of Sociology

“My teaching method absolutely hinges on hearing how students process, question, challenge, and even ignore the ideas I present. I make a point of watching and listening to students and other audiences (in all their diversities) as they work to process those ideas.”

Learn more about Dr. Joan Ferrante »

Jeffrey W. Fox, Lecturer/CMST 101 Program Coordinator

“The course I teach is a support course in a multitude of online programs. My advice for taking this course is to pace yourself and take one thing at a time.”

Learn more about Jeffrey Fox »

Dr. Rudy Garns, Associate Professor and Interim Director

“The big, complex, real-world problems that confront us all require interdisciplinary insights and solutions. I am fortunate to be in a position to help students see these problems from perspectives that are philosophical, scientific, humanistic, social and political.”

Learn more about Dr. Garns »

Dr. Jacqueline R. Herman, Associate Professor

“I want students to learn to critically read statistical results that are presented to them and to perform introductory statistical techniques to real-life data.”

Learn more about Dr. Jacqueline Herman »

Ken Kippenbrock, Instructor

“The flexibility of the online program allows you to better manage life commitments. As long as you are willing to commit time, thought, and effort, this program will provide you the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in future endeavors.”

Learn more about Ken Kippenbrock »

Dr. Doug Krull, Professor

“I hope students would gain considerable content knowledge, but I think it is also very important to learn about the research process in psychology.”

Learn more about Dr. Doug Krull »

Michael P. Laughlin, Adjunct Psychology Instructor

“I started teaching to share my practical experiences as a school psychologist and to continue working with students.”

Learn more about Michael Laughlin »

Dr. Boni Li, Professor

“The students who take online classes need to work hard, know the class requirements and schedule well, and communicate with their instructors if they have anything they do not understand.”

Learn more about Dr. Boni Li »

Dr. Nana Arthur-Mensah, Assistant Professor

“To complement my course content, I acknowledge students’ interests and past experiences and help them draw on those experiences when solving problems in the classroom and reflecting on content.”

Learn more about Dr. Nana Arthur-Mensah »

Dr. Alexis Miller, Associate Professor and Criminal Justice Online Program Coordinator

“I enjoy working with students. Their excitement for life and desire to learn is a positive energy.”

Learn more about Dr. Alexis Miller »

Dr. Carl Miller, Associate Professor

“I enjoy interacting with students and helping them gain knowledge. The excitement they bring when they see they can complete tasks in a math-oriented class gives them a boost in confidence.”

Learn more about Dr. Carl Miller »

Dr. Karen S. Miller, Chair of the Department of Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Organizational Leadership

“I enjoyed the challenge of getting students to think critically about our system of justice, crime, and law.”

Learn more about Dr. Karen Miller »

Dr. Barbara Oswald, Adjunct Assistant Professor

“I love inspiring others to learn.”

Learn more about Dr. Barbara Oswald »

Dr. Irina Parkins, Psychologist

“I would like for students to learn about the importance of psychology in human development and behavior. I want students to recognize all of the different facets of psychology.”

Dr. Irina Parkins »

Chrysalis Payne, Instructor

“I believe Emotional Intelligence, which comes with studying sociology, will make someone successful in my field.”

Learn more about Chrysalis Payne »

Kellie M. Pierson, Part-time Professor

“It's my goal as a professor to help students gain an appreciation for psychology as a science and also be a better consumer of psychology and psychological information.”

Learn more about Kellie M. Pierson »

Dr. Mary Schilling, Lecturer

“I want [students] to remember that science is fantastic. These courses are an opportunity to discover the answers to all those questions we've been asking since we were little kids.”

Learn more about Dr. Mary Schilling »

Dr. Brad Sieve, Lecturer

“I enjoy chemistry and hope that I can show the importance of chemistry in everyday life.”

Learn more about Dr. Brad Sieve »

Dr. Michael J. Simonton, Lecturer in Anthropology, Director of Celtic Studies

“I enjoy this subject, and I wanted to share Anthropology (and all that it can teach) with other people.”

Learn more about Dr. Michael J. Simonton »

Dr. Kalif Vaughn, Assistant Professor

“I want students to be able to understand scientific research—and be able to identify potential confounds in experimental designs. I also want my students to develop strong communication skills.”

Learn more about Dr. Kalif Vaughn »

Dr. Eliah White, Lecturer and Adviser

“I felt that I was good at [teaching] and enjoyed helping others complete college.”

Learn more about Dr. Eliah White »

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